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MONROWE – In STARZ’s new original series, “The White Princess,” 24-year-old actress Jodie Comer inhabits a world of corsets, arranged marriages, and monarchies. But Comer doesn’t want to stay there forever. She refuses to be categorized and hopes to continue to surprise her audience as she jumps from genre to genre. MONROWE took the time to speak with Comer about her successful television career, her jump to the silver screen, and her hopes for the future.

You’ve recently been nominated for a BAFTA for your role in “Thirteen.” What was it like to get in the headspace of a character like Ivy? I’m always drawn to darker material. I don’t know why, but just find it quite fascinating. I think for Ivy, she was such a complex character. In my head, I was like, “Oh God, no matter what performance I do, I’m never ever going to be able to fully imagine what this experience must be like.” So I knew it was really going to kind of test me in that way. What I thought was amazing about “Thirteen” was that you never really got the gory details. A lot of it is left to the imagination.

Was there any specific method of preparation that you would use before a take to transport yourself into that type of tormented psyche? I’m quite good at kind of flipping in between the two. Sometimes you just joke around and jump into it, but then other times I just go off and sit on my own and put my headphones in. For each job, I’ll have a kind of music that I’m drawn to that I feel relates to the piece or makes me feel like that character would listen to it.


Jumping to your work now in “The White Princess.” It’s quite a leap, content-wise, from “Thirteen,” so what was it like transitioning from playing a woman like Ivy, who had half of her life stolen from her, to then playing Lizzie, who definitely has her life planned for her but finds her own strength within that? It was amazing! That is definitely something that I want to continue to do in my work, to go from one extreme to the next. Well, not extreme — but now I’m really hungry to do something quite modern and gritty; I think it’s good to challenge yourself, and keep it fresh, and to surprise people. I never want to be pigeonholed.

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