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Backstage — Answering a work call on vacation can ruin a getaway. In Jodie Comer’s case, it meant cutting a family trip to Barcelona short when she picked up the phone to learn she was needed in Los Angeles for a callback—immediately.

That interruption led to another call, one that meant her vacation availability for the foreseeable future would be greatly diminished: She had landed the role of Villanelle, a mercurial assassin on the upcoming “Killing Eve,” a BBC America series from “Fleabag” creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge.


What I love about Villanelle is that she’s so many characters in one. She puts on these different personas, so sometimes it was like playing different people intertwined,” Comer says over lunch at the Crosby Hotel in New York City. And while climbing the drainpipe of a Tuscan estate house and speaking Italian and French—plus English with a Russian accent—was not easy, the role provided access points for the British talent: “She reminded me of an actress; that’s how I approached her,” she says. “She sees dressing up, the languages and everything, as a challenge. She will take so much time in making sure a persona she’s putting on is perfect for what she needs to do.

Comer brings a duality to Villanelle that allows her to stand out in one scene and intentionally blend in in another. “I wanted her to be someone you could walk past in the street and not notice, because that is the truth of it—you shouldn’t be able to pick someone like her out,” she says.

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