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VF — The first time Jodie Comer met Phoebe Waller-Bridge wasn’t when she auditioned for a role on her BBC America show Killing Eve, but rather months before, at a party for the BAFTAs. It was hours into the night—the glamour was coming undone, the booze was flowing, and Comer and Waller-Bridge were both drunk and making frothy party chatter.

I didn’t know nottin’ about Killing Eve,” Comer recalls in her thick Liverpudlian accent. “Then my audition came along and I was like”—her voice drops into a dramatic whisper—“Oh my God, I was so drunk that night. This is really awkward.

Comer, who previously starred in the mini-series The White Princess and Thirteen, was up for the role of Villanelle, a sociopathic Russian assassin who taunts an M.I.5 agent (the titular Eve, played by Sandra Oh) and carries out kills all over Europe. She got the part about a week after her second audition and immediately set about building the character with Waller-Bridge, who cheerfully remembered her from that drunken BAFTAs night. The two sat down at a restaurant and worked on Villanelle’s timeline: where was she born? Who is her family? Why does she live by herself in Paris? Why does she kill?


Comer is slightly tickled by the prospect that people in the real world might be afraid of her, thinking of the violent Villanelle when they see her out and about. But she also hopes that people secretly root for the bad girl with a broken past. “It’s hard not to like her a little bit, I hope,” she says. “I’ll be interested to see the reaction to her because, essentially, she is a villain—but is she?

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